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One of the first questions we receive at the beginning of each year is: what are the trends regarding the hair colour?

So, let’s get straight to the subject! The trend of this year has a name: bronde – a combination between broun (that can be hot or cold) and blonde. Bronde, through the combination that forms it, represents naturalness – colour harmony – the difference between the colours brought together being only of 2-3 shadows.

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You can opt for a difference between the used colours, but in that case, the bronde colour could be lost in the detriment of contrast. Bronde is the discreet, fluid, easy joining between 2 colours, that makes you think of a cameleonic colour that could change depending on the lightning.

How is bronde obtained?

Bronde is not a technique but a colour, a mix of colours to be more precise, combined in the most armonious way possible. Getting into more details, the colour needs to be chosen based in the physiognomy and type of hair. The bronde effect can be obtained through many techniques, with the ultimate goal to offer the hair more volume due to the complementary colours. Take a peak below to read about all of them:


It is a colouring technique in the open air, that allows a natural brightening. This technique is specific to brazilians and had been imported from Europe and, of course, Hollywood a few years ago.


Ombre tendinte 2017


Even though there are many disputes regarding this subject, a perfect ombre should be achieved by realising a colour degrade from the roots, all the way to the tip of the hairs. Even though it is had been present for quite a few years, this technique is still very popular and forecasts show that it will keep being used in the following years.

Sombre tendinte 2017 par


The change from ombre to sombre requires the insertion of darker strands of hair in order to mark the change from degrade to dynamic and graphic strands. It is a colouring effect that offers a touch of dramatism to your hair while at the same time appearing to be thicker than before.

Contouring tendinte 2017 par


Just as in makeup, we are starting to use the contouring technique in hair colouring in order to help us sculpt the physiognomy with colour. Practically, in addition to colour we have a tool that helps us correct the physiognomy and focuses the attention on the best features.

Bronde – tendintele anului 2017 – coafor

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