Rules for a healthy hair

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What can I do to have a healthier hair? Why does my hair fall? At some point, each of us wondered the same things.

In this article, we are going to discover the main causes of hair loss, how we can have a healthier hair and, of course, how to make it grow faster. The dream of most women is to have a long, healthy hair in a short time. Am I right? 🙂 I am going to debate the subject not only from the point of view of my job but also from other points of our daily life.

The main causes of hair loss are:

  • Stress
  • Tiredness, pollution, hormonal disorders, season changes and even solar rays 
  • Other causes can be the use of inappropriate products, scalp infections, treatments against cancerarthritis, depression, heart diseases and tension.

Nutrition and sport are extremely important for hair as well as for the health of the whole body. Now that we are aware of the multiple causes we also have to pay attention to how we can fix it and this is my role as a hairstylist to recommend you appropriate products after a careful diagnostic.

In order to obtain maximum results is it very important to treat the problem from the inside as well as from the outside. The average person loses an average of 50-100 hairs a day from a multitude of causes. We have approximatively 100 000 hairs and the daily loss should not lead to visible effects. The lifetime of a hair is limited. Hair moves in the root for 2 to 4 months and then fades leaving space to another piece of hair. If we observe that our hair falls excessively and is accompanied by the root, then it is the moment to start asking ourselves some questions.

ALIMENTATION is the most important factor when it comes to our hair’s health. The lack of nutrients leads to starvation in the anagena phase (the phase of growing from the root).

Due to the fact that the hair contains a high quantity of keratin protein, an alimentation rich in proteins will influence the rhythm of growth of hair and their lack will lead to a thin hair.

Rules for a healthy hair that grows fast: 

It is very important that your hair does not split. Create a habit of cutting it after 8-10 weeks only from the tips and in this way your hair will remain healthy and you will prevent its damage.

The way in which we wash our hair is extremely important, as well as the frequence of washing it. It is not recommended to wash it too often because it will dry, break and split more easily, the recommended period before the next wash is between 2 to 4 days, depending on the type of your scalp.

Depending on your hair and scalp we will use adequate products, and if we are speaking about hair loss I recommend you the products from the range Kerastase Specifique.

If you face an unbalanced scalp that could include dandruff, supplementary sensitivity, hair loss and thick hair, the Specifique range will restore the equilibrium of your scalp.

The Arginine treatment in 3 steps will help you have a thicker hair in only 30 days.

Step  1  – CLEANING

Kerastase-Specifique-Bain-Stimuliste-GL-Boudoir-StudioBain Stimulist GL – an energising shampoo for thin hair and predisposed to loss.


Bain Exfoliant moisturising or purifying shampoo based on the type of your scalp

Pasul  2 – TREATMENT

Intensive cure with aminexil GL –  aminexil vials need to be applied on the scalp for at least twice a week depending on the case.



Soin Densitive GL  – spray treatment for thin hair.



Hair growth is also influenced by a good circulation, which is why a daily massage of 4 to 5 minutes is recommended.

A product that I would like to recommend in the end of this article is the innovative Kerastase – INITIALISTE. It is the first capillary serum based on vegetal stem cells that offers the hair an optimal nutrition.

The hair resistance and elasticity is improved on its length, offering it shine and softness. It is composed of essential molecules similar to the hair enriched with vegetal cells.

Strengthens the structure of your hair, reduce breaking by internal consolidation and the green tea extract has an antioxidant protection.

I recommend to use it at least 3 times a week in combination with a 4-5 minutes massage if you wish longer hair.

I am convinced that we have learned together from this article and I hope you will give it a try. I am waiting for you at the salon! 🙂